Entering the world of Erotica

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, and it all started when I discovered romance novels. I began to keep them, hidden between my mattresses to keep from my mother’s prying eyes. At ten years old, that is the last book that a parent wants in the hands of their child.

I remember begging to do the laundry so that I could run down the hall and rifle through the box of free Harlequin novels, flipping through the pages to find the best sex scenes and adding my favorites to my secret collection. I was obsessed with sex before I had even experienced it firsthand.

I dabble, on occasion, in non-sexy stories, but my talent seems to lie in writing purely about our base instincts and everything that comes with it.

I suppose they call me Nymphomaniac for a reason.

I hope to make a career out of this; It in my blood, and I am one of a long line of my ancestors that have the wild soul of a writer. I am also working on a novel that will be a mixture of many different genres and I look forward to seeing what comes of it. I will always appreciate constructive criticism, simply because in order to get better, you need to know what your weaknesses are.

I hope you join me on this journey of self-discovery!

Thanks for reading. XO





She steps into the bar, her nervous disposition heightened almost painfully. She is definitely not dressed to impress, at least not in this place. It’s set up like a lounge, the lights dim, almost like candlelight. The music, smooth and soft, ripples through the air and the seating is reminiscent of a cigar bar; thick leather armchairs that speak of late night business meetings with a glass of scotch are placed in the center of the room while booths line the length of the wall. The servers are all stunning, both the men and women, dressed top to bottom in black form fitting uniforms. Her gaze absentmindedly follows them as they glide through the tables, handing out drinks and taking orders like it’s just another Thursday evening. Tonight might end up being an unknown fantasy come true, and the thought sends a tremor through her. She’s wearing a simple peach colored dress that radiates innocence, flowing and belted at the waist. The black stilettos adorning her feet are the sexiest part of the outfit and, looking around, she suddenly feels under dressed in a multitude of ways. Her deep auburn hair is wound tightly into a knot at the back of her head, speaking more to her inner tension than she realizes. She’s been daydreaming about tonight since the moment his intense blue eyes rested on her, but now that it’s here she’s holding back the desire to bolt and run back to the safety of her bed. However the yearning to run dissolves immediately when she spots him in the crowd. He’s staring, a small but powerful smile twitching at the corners of his mouth, a drink in his hand and eyes filled with secret desires she is desperate to give in to. Her breath catches, inexplicable sensations running through her at high speeds, a desire to be bruised and bleed that she has never felt before. What is it about this man? The first time she laid eyes on him, her imagination went wild. The darkest recesses of her brain suddenly lit up like a Christmas tree, cravings she had never known permeating her entire being. She didn’t know what to say when this captivating man decided she was worth his attention, her tongue tied into a knot matching the one in her stomach and she could not make a sound. He had taken the lead, requesting her phone number and offering to buy her a drink later that week, an invitation to which she quickly nodded her acceptance. She is usually so cautious, never talking to strangers even though she had left her youth behind long ago, but there was something in her gut telling her yes. They had texted over the course of the next few days and the next thing she knew, she was walking down the dark side streets on her way to meet this stranger who had awoken some unknown need within her. Somewhere in her brain she knew this wasn’t the smartest idea, but she couldn’t ignore how completely alive he made her feel.

She crosses the room towards him, a shy smile creeping its way across her lips. He stands, as gentlemen do, placing a hand on her hip and planting a soft kiss on her cheek.

“You look exquisite.” He whispers against her skin, his eyes flashing as he straightens and offers her a seat in his booth. Tucked into the dimmest corner of this classy bar, she slips into the offered spot and he waves over a server.

“Ladies first.” His voice is comforting. “What would you like to drink?”

She stutters, giving away just how nervous she is. “Honestly, I don’t know. Surprise me?”

The devilish grin that crossez his face sends a quiver down her spine. Why does she feel the need to impress this man, as if she needs to have his approval? It has been years since she felt such a childish, instinctive desire to please, but that approving and hungry look he sends her way is something she needs more of and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Her drink arrives and she takes a long sip, trying to gain enough faux confidence to actually have a conversation. The liquid cascades down her throat and a sound of surprised pleasure escapes her lips.

“I’m glad you like it. Now…” He punctuates this with a swig of the golden liquid resting in front of him. “I want to ask you something.” He glances at her as she leans forward, intrigued.

“Okay.” She urges him on, resting her chin on her palm and timidly meeting his gaze. “Ask me anything.”

He adjusts himself, shifting closer to place his arm on the back of the booth behind her.

“How do I make you feel?”

She can’t hide her surprise. She was definitely not expecting…that. Nor does she know how to respond without sounding insane. Her throat goes dry and she swallows, trying to find a way to get out the words. Trying to even figure out the words to get out in the first place. She grabs her drink with a shaking hand and tosses it back, the alcohol sharp between her lips.

“Ah, well, we don’t exactly know each other well, and…” She stutters, trying to escape his prying eyes. It’s true, they barely knew each other. Which means, even if she could put it into words, he would think her insane and likely run for the hills if she was honest. Yet there is something in his eyes that makes her feel safe in the most exposed way. He doesn’t say a word, instead enjoying the way she squirms under his watch.

“Well, I guess you make me feel….” She trails off, grasping for the right words. “Powerless, I suppose? Small, nervous…” A reserved giggle escapes her lips and she looks down at her lap where her fingers are tightly intertwined.
“Inexperienced.” Her cheeks flush the color of red wine and she swallows hard.

“I feel as if I…belong to you, I guess?” She blushes again. “I’m sorry, I know that’s completely ridiculous. I’m-” He interjects before she can finish.

“No, don’t apologize.” He brushes her cheek with his thumb before tilting her face upwards. The softness in his voice is unexpected, matching the look in his eyes.

“You are mine. You have been since the moment we met.” Something clouds his eyes, she can’t pinpoint the emotion nor does she have much time to read into it. Suddenly his soft grasp on her chin turns firm and she realizes it’s pure, unadulterated longing reflected in his icy blue eyes.

“Tell.” He leans closer.

“Me.” Even closer now, she can almost feel his breath against her lips.
“More…” He trails off, so close she can smell the musky scent of whiskey on his tongue and all she can do is think about how it must taste.

“I want to please you.” The words are almost a question, a whisper pouring out of her like quicksand.

“I, ah, I want to do what you tell me to do. I want to….damn, I sound ridiculous!” She exclaims.

The corners of his eyes crinkle and it sends a flutter deep inside of her abdomen. “You want to….what?” He tilts his head against her ear, teasing her as his free hand finds her bare knee, causing goosebumps to sparkle across her skin.

“I want to belong to you, and I don’t understand it.” The words tumble out of her mouth. There is no going back now.

“I have never felt this before. I have never felt so desperate for approval, for affirmation, for another person. I have never wanted to be hurt, but I want you to hurt me. I want you to make me cry, I want you to make me wild. It terrifies me. YOU terrify me.”

“Oh?” He mumbles, sending white-light kisses down her neck.

“Because I….” She startles with the realization. “Because I have never been so out of control as I am when I’m with you, so desperate to be claimed by someone.”

He growls in her ear. “Good girl.” He brushes his cheek against hers, his face centimeters from her own and her lips part involuntarily, her gaze settling on his mouth. She is frozen in place, her shallow breathing giving away her secret.

“Do I turn you on, kitten?” He murmurs against her lips before his tongue breaches the barrier, softly pressing against her own. A small gasp ripples through her before she responds, back arching with need. He breaks the kiss as quickly as it started and she suddenly feels as if she’s been dropped in the middle of a frozen lake, floating in the piercing, flat white of winter. Her lips part again, this time in astonishment.

“What?” She trails off. “I don’t…” Shaking her head, a laugh bubbles up from within her. He calls over the waiter as his hand finds its way past the hem of her dress and her legs part with ease. The server arrives quickly, just as his thumb finds the bud hidden away behind the red lace of her panties.

“Can I get you two anything else?” He inquires, pen poised to take another order as she bites down on her lip, not quite hard enough to stem the desperate mew his fingers tug from her depths.

“No, thank you. The check will be enough.” He replies without tearing his eyes off of her, appreciative of how hard she’s trying to keep still under his touch. The waiter nods and wanders off to put through the transaction, and her mysterious date decides to take it up a notch, pressing his middle finger beneath her panties and into her, causing a not-so-subtle look of surprise and desire to twist her soft feminine features. An appreciative groan rips its way out of him; his finger is drenched with her juices already and feeling just how desperately she needs him is causing him extreme discomfort. He removes his hand from beneath the table, lifting his finger to her mouth, allowing her to taste herself on his skin. The bill arrives and he pays, leaving a good sized tip, which she tries to pitch in for.

“Not a chance. Getting to watch you struggle to keep it together as I touched you is payment enough. Though I’m sure there are other ways you could make it up to me, if you really want to.” He takes her hand with a wink.

“Come, I want to show you something.”

Curious, she obediently follows him onto the street into the cool fall night, across the road and into what almost looks like a depleted second hand bookstore. They step into the shop and her assumptions are confirmed. However she has absolutely no idea how a bookstore is open so late, but he answers her question before she has time to ask it.

“It’s a new thing in town. 24 hour bookstores, so that you never have to go without.”

She is immediately enamored, the musky smell of well-loved novels relaxing her muscles. She inhales deeply, eyes drifting closed as a ghost of a smile graces her lips. Suddenly he’s moving again, this time towards a staircase, breaking her out of her reverie. They nod pleasantly at the old man sitting behind the till soaking up a book of his own and clamor up towards the top floor. The space is large and skylights dot the ceiling, littering the carpet with moonlight. They slowly walk through the cramped aisles, shelves packed full of books from every era, blocking them from the view of the entrance.


Suddenly, she’s sandwiched between him and a stack of discarded novels piled up against one of the few free walls and his lips are on her, devouring her where she stands. She responds with a mutual passion, breaking away from the tameness of earlier her hands grab his shoulders as if she’s about to fall off the edge of a 12 story building. He expertly undoes the belt around her waist, tugging the dress above her head and discarding it behind him. His tongue finds its way down her soft, sensual curves to the place she needs him the most. He rests the back of her left knee on his shoulder and his arms wrap around her backside, holding her in place as his lips explore her pussy, tasting her for the first time. Her response is better than he could have hoped; a sharp, desperate cry echoes through the aisle, hips twisting against him, hands press against the back of his head for more, more, more. He ignores the throbbing of his cock and slips a finger inside of her instead, reveling in the change from timid, quiet little girl to the wild, panting, frantic mess that she is now, melting beneath his touch. An orgasm quickly overtakes her, so overwhelming she collapses against the paper and ink behind her, trying desperately to hold herself in a semi-standing position. He rises and holds her up, her bent knee now at his waist, his bulge pressing into her; she tastes herself on him again, this time getting to take her time. Swiveling her tongue around his finger, she explores the sensations, seeing just how far back he can slip down her throat before she can’t breathe. He grows deep and hungry, grabbing her face between his hands, no longer gentle. They consume each other, crashing down the aisle, knocking books from their respective homes as they head further into the maze of shelves. She pushes his blazer off his shoulders, his shirt quickly following until they are finally skin on skin, her nails dragging across his bare back. He unzips his pants, stepping out of his shoes and trousers without breaking contact with her as they stumble upon a small space set up in the center of the labyrinth. They crumple onto a pile of cushions set up for the book club early the next morning, groping each other with a desperation, a need she had never felt before. He grinds against her, the solid flesh of his arousal driving her even more frantic. His arm wraps around the small of her back, his teeth find her shoulder and he bites, the sensation barely registering through the haze of lust. Her fingers find the waist of his briefs, tugging them down to free him completely and he stops for a moment, nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck, his chest heaving. He lifts himself up so that he’s hovering above her, seeing the quizzical look in her eyes he answers her silent question.

“I’m trying to get control of myself, pet.” His voice is low and husky, almost as if he’s in pain. “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you if I don’t keep myself contained.” Her eyes flicker dangerously and she reaches down to his cock, wrapping her fingers slowly around him as his eyes flutter closed. She positions him against her hole, pressing her hips forward so that just the tip of his incredibly long shaft enters her, and bites her lip.

“You….” He groans, trailing off as her hips start to sway around and around, stealing the air from his lungs.

“I don’t break easily.” She whispers, surprised by the confidence she hears in her own voice. Her sexual experience is slim and it’s been a long time since she’s had anyone, nor has she ever had anything remotely this sexy happen in her entire life. All she knew was that she needed him to fuck her like an animal until they were both unable to move, and she wanted to hurt. She wanted him to hurt her. She might never understand where these cravings came from, but they are a part of her now, and there is no going back.
“Please?” She begs, needing to feel him deep inside of her belly. He pushes into her slowly and she gasps at the mixture of pleasure and pain, unable to be separated even if she wanted to; his large hand wraps itself around her throat, cutting off her air as he pushes into her even deeper, the wolf within him finally baring his teeth. She rocks her hips, pressing her neck against his hand as a challenge to push her further, to go harder. The string holding him together finally snaps and he begins to pound her cunt so ferociously that she has to bite down on one of the books they knocked off the shelf to keep from screaming. She can feel herself tightening, another climax building within her, yet this one seems to be more intense than anything she’s ever experienced. She cannot contain herself, and he has to pin her down with his entire body as the orgasm rocks through her, squirting around his cock over and over again. The intensity sends him careening, he grips her wildly as he buries himself as deep inside of her as he can, filling her to the brim with his seed. They lay there for a while, panting and covered in sweat until she stops shaking. He leans back onto his knees, cum still dripping from the tip of his member.
“May I?”
She crawls forward and licks her lips, his flaccid cock twitching at the thought of them wrapped around him.
“You may. You’ve earned it.” He pokes, playfully. She spreads her tongue out flat and laps at the tip, pulling him into her mouth, reveling in the sensation of him growing firm between her lips.
“Do you like tasting yourself on me, kitten?” he asks tightly, arousal deepening his voice a few octaves.
“Mmhmm…” she exclaims with fever, the sound muffled by her full mouth, sending vibrations down his now rock solid member. He moans in appreciation as her ass bounces in the air with the motion of her head. He releases the clasp holding her hair together, even though it’s quite a mess after round one, and her auburn hair cascades in a halo around her face. He tugs it into a ponytail, using his hand as the elastic, now able to control her movements completely. He pushes her further onto him, inch by inch until she’s gurgling for air, forcing her to stay put even while she struggles. He relaxes just enough to let her breathe and leans down just a little to whisper in her ear.
“Darling, have you ever deep throated before?”
She blushes deeply and shakes her head, staring at the floor. How desperately she wanted to be as experienced as he was, how much she wanted to please him. She was so worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it right and her inexperience would hinder their evening.
“I’ve been able to with my ex-boyfriend, but he was nothing compared to you. I’m sorry…” She trails off, suddenly bashful. He places a single finger beneath her chin and tilts her face towards him.
“Don’t be sorry, pet. We have plenty of time to practice.” He says softly, directing her face back to where she could be the most useful. Her mouth opens wide at his instruction, and she relaxes her throat as he pushes himself deeper, holding firm when she starts to fight it.
“Breathe through your nose, my little slut.” He suggests and she takes note, suddenly able to push even further.
“Oh, God that feels good. Good girl.” He croons, setting the pace with her hair knotted around his fingers. Slowly at first, allowing her to pick up the rhythm and practice opening her throat, he fucks her face, running his free hand down the length of her back. He finds her ass and gives her a solid smack, leaving a handprint reddening on her backside. He starts to lose control, fucking her throat like he did her pussy, enjoying the messy sounds coming from below. She groans around him, sliding a finger down between her legs. She can’t help it, something about having his cock in her mouth just made her want to cum again. His grip tightens as he gets closer, his hand wrapping around her neck as he spurts every last drop deep into her throat. She gurgles a satisfied little sound and pulls back, taking a deep, gasping breath. To her amazement, he flips her around with ease, positioning her on all fours and shoves himself inside of her again, this time while his hand gently thumbs her ass.
“Have you ever had someone in your ass before?”
She mews, her body tensing and he chuckles in response.
“I’ll take that as a no, then.” He switches to his index finger, watching goosebumps trail up her back as he draws tiny little circles around her rosebud. She leans into him slightly, hesitant but intrigued by the sensations he elicits. He bends over so his chest is flat against her back and kisses her shoulder.
“It won’t hurt, I promise.”
She nods imperceptibly and he begins to press his finger inside of her untouched hole, enjoying the little hum flitting through her as it turns into a quiet moan.
“Oh! That feels…ah!” She gasps with enjoyment as he fills her up entirely, the overwhelming sensations building towards another ledge. He grinds into her at a painfully slow pace while she grows accustomed to having his finger up her rear, until she finally begins to push back, urging him on.
“Such a dirty girl, aren’t you?” He murmurs into her ear, his voice raspy with desire.
Her face lights up as he burrows his hand into her hair again, using it to pull her harder against him. Her core begins to pulse with climax, tightening around him like a vice sending them both over the edge. They collapse together on the carpet, books and cushions coating the floor around them. She reaches for a random novel and her snicker rapidly turns into an all-out belly laugh. He grabs it from her grasp and reads the title out loud.
“Recipe for Temptation by Maureen Smith.” She snickers again.
“Seems like we picked a pretty appropriate section to have our rendezvous.” He teases, tossing the cheesy erotica to the side.
“It looks like we might have,” She points to the ceiling. “Considering we likely just gave that sweet old man a heart attack.” A puzzled look crosses his face and he casts his eyes upward, immediately spotting the old style video camera surveying the top floor. She covers her mouth with her hand, hysteria spilling through her fingers as tears roll down her cheeks. He pauses for a minute, his expression serious.
“Think we could get a copy of the videotape?”

Primal Desire

Another party, another night of babysitting. As usual, he’s put in no effort. I’m decked out in a beautiful, hip hugging peach dress that hits just the right spot on surprisingly long legs. For someone as short as I am, I really did hit the genetic jackpot. He, on the other hand, is at least in pants but the top half leaves much to be desired. Though, I suppose there might be somewhere where a dirty old band tee would be appropriate. It’s not like I can complain, the fact he’s even coming out at all is more than I could have asked for. We reach the front door and I send over one last plea 
David, please behave. For me? 
He snorts and shakes his head. I sigh, preparing myself for another frustrating night. I love this man, but after a while it gets damn exhausting playing mom all the time, and never getting to be girlfriend. I don’t even get any of the girlfriend perks, shit it has been years since I’ve felt the touch of a real man. It’s been years since I’ve gotten to just let go and get fucked. He likes it when I’m in control, so I am always in control. At least in the bedroom; regular life I don’t get much of a say. Now that I think about it, I don’t get much of a say at all. But I shouldn’t be complaining, other women would kill to get to be on the arm of this handsome man. The beast inside of me that has been tied down for years and years disagrees, but I’ve been in sexual hibernation for so long that her incessant scream has dulled to a quiet whimper. 
The door swings open and I throw my regular old bright smile on my face, though it doesn’t reach my eyes. We step into the room, my arm linked through his, and I realize I am one of a very small group of women in stilettos, and the hardwood floors make the sound extra loud.  
“Great.” I mutter to myself. My anxiety is pretty low compared to others, but something about being ‘that girl’ with the loud ass heels makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I scan the room for any familiar faces, and don’t find any besides the guy on my arm already downing shots of vodka like they’re his lifeline, and the host.  
My eyes connect with someone across the room and suddenly my stomach is in my throat. I feel my cheeks color without provocation as another smile twitches on my lips. This time, a real one that lights up my entire face. This man, I don’t know who he is but that single glance awoke that damned beast inside of me, releasing the floodgates of desire. I squirm against the sudden onslaught of arousal dripping down my thighs, and tug my eyes away from his.  
“I’ll be right back.” I whisper to the man on my arm. “Bathroom break.” He nods, distracted by conversation, and I slip away. I find the bathroom without too much of a problem, and once inside I shut the door and close my eyes, my weight pressing against the cheap white door behind me. I look at myself in the mirror, smoothing the dress over my soft curves, long legs, and voluptuous breasts. I cannot stop thinking about that damn man, and I realize that I’m going to have to go commando for the rest of the night. I’ve already soaked through my cute little panties, and if I want to sit down anywhere it’ll leave a nice wet mark on the back of my dress. I sigh, tugging them down my thighs, around the shoes, and then tuck them into the clutch resting against my hip. I reluctantly find my way back to my partner, and we spend some time meandering around the room, making small talk with the guests. At some point, I lose him for a few minutes, which is honestly a bit of a blessing. From what I can tell, he’s already finished half a 2-6 in shot form and is now completely incoherent. I find myself being pressed into a small circle of people and, looking up, I realize that the four or five others standing around have their attention focused on that same man from earlier. Our eyes connect again, and I’m hit with another wave of intense desire. He winks and I blush, biting my lip in response without meaning to. Something about him has my hands shaking, so I clasp them behind my tailbone. This Adonis like man is telling a story, and he has everyone roaring, myself included. I can’t tell if he’s trying to make me laugh specifically, or if he’s just usually the life of the party, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m probably imagining the reflection of my own desire in his eyes anyways. 
Suddenly, a loud, sharp, “WOOHOOOOOO” echoes through the room and everyone turns towards the sound. I’m expecting to see some drunk idiot table dancing, and that is exactly what I found. Though, I was not expecting that drunk idiot would be my boyfriend. The bass is low and deep, pulsating through my body to the beat of my pounding cunt, and he just happens to be stripping. I glance back at this Adonis creature and his eyes darken. My breath catches as another “WOOP” is tossed into the crowd. “Jesus fucking murphy” I mutter under my breath and turn away, making my way towards this drunk asshole effectively ruining my night. I was all of ten steps away, and in that span of time he’s managed to pull off that ratty tee and is now venting himself with it as the women in the room cheer him on. Thankfully, the spins hit him before he could reach for his belt and his face contorts just before he topples over, sending half empty glasses crashing to the floor. The room gasps, and I send an apologetic glance over to the host, shaking my head.  
“I…I feel not so good”, David mumbles. Playing the good girlfriend, I guide him out to the lawn where he leaves what looked to be about a weeks’ worth of lunches and dinners. Now, I have an extremely sensitive stomach when it comes to vomiting, but I stay like the loyal little fuck I am, rubbing his back, trying not to throw up with him. Thankfully I’ve been nursing the same rum and coke all night so there isn’t much to expelAdonis had come out to see what the fuss was about, along with about half of the party, but it looks like everyone else shares my hatred of sickness as they all headed back inside, accompanied with looks of disgust.  
He stops, finally, just long enough to guide him right back inside, and into a bedroom with an unexpected en-suite. I lay him down against the toilet as he heaves again, muttering god even knows what, and I slip out of the room to grab a glass of water. My eyes scan the room again as I sneak into the kitchen, quickly finding exactly who I’m looking for. His smile is so bright, so genuine, but when his eyes lock with mine it’s quickly replaced with the heavy look of a man craving something he cannot have. Once again, my breath catches but this time, I don’t break eye contact. I keep mine focused on his as they drill a hole into the deepest, darkest, filthiest parts of me. I lick my lips, just a little, and turn around to head back, water in hand. I cast one last look over my shoulder, hoping he’ll catch on. The hallway is dark, and I slip back into the room placing the water next to his head. I rummage around in the cabinets and successfully find a bottle of liquid ibuprofen and place two of them next to the glass. He can’t take pills to save his life, but hopefully he’ll be aware enough to remember to split them apart and pour them into the water. I gently touch his shoulder and realize he’s fallen asleep completely, drunk snoring included. I grab the shirt tossed haphazardly onto the floor and tuck it around the chain of my clutch. 
“Perfect..” I think to myself, accompanied by a pang of…guilt? Excitement? I make my way to the door, hoping against hope that I’ll hear a knock. My prayers are answered so quickly I don’t have time to think about waiting to open the door, I simply crack it slightly at the sound of the first rap and find exactly what I was praying for. 
“It took you long enough.” I smile softly. I take one last glance behind me to make sure David is still passed out against the porcelain throne, and press my hand against Adonis’ firm chest. 
“Are you really here to check on him?” I question playfully, my smile growing into something much more devious and enticing.  
He mutters a quiet ‘no’, and every last ounce of willpower I have drains from my limbs, replaced with a rush of desperation that I haven’t felt in years. He’s quiet, suddenly. Almost timid, but the fire in his eyes tells me everything I need to know 
“You’ve been practically eye fucking me all night. You should help me put his sweater in the wash downstairs, its dark.” I suggest, hoping he’ll pick up on my need to be alone, in private, especially in the dark…Knowing what he has hiding in those dark blue jeans was enough to send me into a shuttering orgasm, and there is no way I’m going to pass up on this chance. Fuck morals, fuck right and wrong, and fuck my conscience. Right now the only thing that matters is the need I feel deep in my bones. I grab him by the collar of his shirt and drag him downstairs, grateful that the door to the basement is actually around the corner of the hallway so no one will spot us. It helps that the party is officially in full swing, gaging by the sounds drifting through the ceiling.  
As soon as we hit the last step, I shove him as hard as I can against the wall, pressing my comparatively small frame against his large, imposing one. My lips search for his in the dark, my desire overriding anything that doesn’t involve climbing him like a damn tree. I shove my tongue so far into his throat I don’t think he knows what hit him, but then his hands are gripping me the way a man lost at sea grips his life vest. His hands are as broad as the rest of him, and they ignite a fire inside of my veins. I reach down in the shadows, gripping his crotch, gasping at the enormity of what I find hiding behind the rough fabric. Suddenly, the only thing I can think of is how badly I need to taste him. I’m used to being the dominant one, which is partly why I took control so quickly. But to be honest, the main reason is that I felt like I was going to explode if I had to go another second without getting to touch him. I drop to my knees, looking up at him 
“Please, please let me taste you. I need…I need you.. The breathless edge in my voice giving away just how badly I was willing to beg and plead. He reaches down and removes my glasses as the other unzips his jeans, and I lose control again. It’s like Christmas morning, when you know that the one present you wanted more than anything is waiting downstairs underneath the tree. I reach forward, tugging free the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Long, thick, and as dark as the rest of him, I salivate at the sight. I take the base in one hand, while the other strokes him with pure admiration. My tongue darts out from between my parted lips and I press the tip against him, sensing his sharp intake of breath. I can feel my cunt creating a little pool between my knees as I lick my way around him, up and down his long, hard staff. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and wrap my lips wide around him, twisting my tongue around the tip as I slowly ease him into my throat. It takes a minute before my nose is pressed against his pelvis; it’s been a very long time since I’ve experienced someone with his girth. I look into his eyes as I open my throat, fitting him inside me right down to his sack, which my free hand is rubbing gently. Back and forth, faster, quicker, my tongue dancing around his cock, my saliva dripping down my chin. He tugs my dark hair into a pony and begins to move my face for me as I choke and bubble against him. He slows for a minute, positive he’s hurt me, but to his surprise the only thing I mumble around his fullness is another plea, this time to fuck my throat harder. He grins a devilish grin and fuck my face, my nails digging into his thighs as my moans are muffled by the sheer force. My teeth grate against him, and I can feel his cum shooting up his cock as he struggles not to lose himself in the sensations. 
My desire is overwhelming as I stand on shaky legs, leaning into him for another impassioned kiss. We lock lips for a minute, my mess becoming his, and then his hand is around my throat, eliciting another unintentional groan of pleasure, a gentle kiss placed on my cheek as he turns me around and bends me over the washing machine. I gasp as he presses his freed erection against me, still unaware there is nothing in his way except for the thin fabric of my dress.  
Ohh, fuck!” I moan. “Are you going to fuck me?” Absentmindedly, I wonder if he can hear the desperation in my voice. He doesn’t say a word, instead he leans in close to my ear, so his breath slips across my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. He flips the hem of my dress up and I can hear a deep growl of approval as he discovers my lack of underwear. I don’t have much time to contemplate that, as he immediately buries his cock so deep inside of me I have to bite my lip to keep myself from screaming out. “Ohh, fuck YES!”  
“Shut the fuck up”, he demands, causing yet another flood of arousal to coat his already soaking member. My hands grip the sides of the washing machine, but I am unable to keep my mouth shut. “oh…oh yes, god yes, please…please, fuck me, harder!” I beg, and he wraps one hand around my mouth to keep me silent while the other finds its way into my hair, creating a perfect handle to fuck me harder. I was just about loud enough to catch someones attention, and neither of us want to be interrupted. He fucks me, harder than I have ever been fucked, and if his hand hadn’t been around my mouth stifling my screams, I’d have woken up the entire neighborhood. The release I had been fantasizing about for years was finally happening, and the never ending stream of orgasms were proof of that. I’m blessed with the ability to have multiple, wave-like, orgasms, including the ability to squirt, but it had been a long time since I had more than one or two at a time. Yet here I am, bent over the washing machine by a deliciously dark God of desire, creaming over and over again until Im sure his cock was coated in my juices and there was no more room for a coherent thought. I finally have a chance to catch my breath and acknowledge the one thought in my brain.  
“Please, will you fuck me on the washing machine?” I ask, like a good submissive girl. He pulls out reluctantly, and I flip around, hopping on top of the machine. He takes a moment, his gaze still hungry as it lingers on every part of my body. My dress is disheveled, my hair, and the look in my eyes, wild. My mouth twitches into a grin as I take him in from the tips of his toes to the top of his head, and our eyes meet. His grin matches mine. We shouldn’t be here, we shouldn’t be doing this, but yet here we are, strangers, animals tearing at each other in the basement of a mutual friends house. Who would have thought tonight would turn out so well? 
Suddenly he’s pressed against me again, but this time he’s on his knees, burying his face between my legs. I gasp again, slamming my hand across my mouth, biting the fleshy part of my palm to keep quiet. His tongue is magical, flitting across my clit, darting into my cunt, making me cream all over him all over again, and again, and again. (I really can’t stop once I get started). My legs wrap around him, heels pressed into his back to push him into me more, more. After 10 minutes of this, I begin to get lightheaded, all of the blood rushing to my lower limbs just to keep me upright. My legs are shaking so much I can’t keep them wrapped around him anymore and in that moment, he stands, not even taking a millisecond to press his incredible cock deep inside of my cunt again. He wraps his hand around my throat, and I feel his cock harden even more at the light it sparks in my gaze. His other hand is gripping behind my knee, finding its way up my body to tweak my nipples as we shake the washing machine so much that it actually sounds as if it’s running. Another scream fills my lungs, but this time it escapes as a small whimper, my lips parting and head lulling backwards as I feel him pick up speed. It’s his turn now, and I am impatient to feel him lose control inside of me. His hands drop to my waist, gripping me so hard I am sure it’ll leave bruises as I pull him in for a kiss. We press against each other so forcefully it’s almost as if we’re trying to meld into one giant mass of limbs and heat. My nails turn into claws on the back of his neck as I feel him getting close, hitting my g-spot so perfectly that I could feel myself reaching the elusive squirting orgasm that I forgot I could do. The pressure, the pleasure, building up inside me so strongly I am suddenly grateful for his lips pressed against mine, keeping my moans muffled between us as we both lose control, my pussy spasming with release as he fills me to the brim. We hang on for dear life as the waves hit us both, over and over, slowing down bit by bit until we come back down to reality; sweaty, messy, chaotic reality. Eyes closed, our tongues explore each other’s skin one last time before he reluctantly pulls himself away, his breathing heavy. My hand dips down to the flood dripping out of me; slipping a finger inside of myself I bring the mess to my lips. I keep eye contact as I trace my tongue up my fingers, sucking off our combined juices from each digit until there is nothing left. I lick my lips one last time, sending another devilish grin his way. I could tell his breathing was already picking back up, as was mine, but we didn’t have time for round two. I slip off the washing machine, taking the discarded sweater and wiping myself clean before opening the lid and tossing it in. I start the stupid machine, making sure to wash away any telltale signs of my eventful night, and fix myself, running my hands through my hair the best I can. I smile at him once more, and begin to traipse back up the stairs when his hand wraps around my arm.  
“Who are you?” He asks, and I smile in return.  
“My name is Maria”, I reply before disappearing up the stairs and back into real life, leaving him behind, cock still hanging out of his trousers.  

Slow Grind

The club is loud, bass seeping through the walls and the roof, almost enveloping in its fullness. Darkness coats the room and bright, colored lights directed onto the center of the dance floor break the shadows just enough to make out flashes of lost, smiling faces. Bodies pumping around her to the beat of the music carry her into their dreamlike trance, and she starts dancing right along with them. This was one of her favorite stress relievers – moving to music loud enough to drown out every thought except for now, with a crowd full of other people there for the exact same reason. Here you can forget, you can throw yourself into the sound around you and lose yourself into the liquid vibration flowing through youentire being. Close your eyes and you are nothing, no one. She’s in the middle of the crowd, far away people blending into each other, into her, no one paying any attention to anyone else. She sways to the low beat, snaking her hips round and round, her body slowly waking with every move, every throb of the song. Her entire body begins to twist and turn to the music, singing along to the sounds she knew and loving the sounds she didn’t. Hands come from nowhere, slipping down her hips and her thighs, and she can feel the attached body pressing against her rear. Her arms raise with the music as she swirls to face this stranger, alcohoslipping through her veins. He is familiar, his smile warm and wicked. Her blood turns hot, passion waking every fiber in her as she returns the smile, placing her hands on his broad chest. The mass of bodies around them presses them closer together, the song blending into another and he takes a hand from her hip, cupping her chin. Their eyes meet and he leans down, pressing his delicious lips to hers, lighting her on fire. She returns his soft kiss with a firm one, grabbing the back of his neck to pull him even closer; her desperation palpable. He responds immediately, his cock gradually hardening in his trousers as she grinds against him. They start slow, fingers grasping skin through clothing, melding together, gyrating to the beatHis hands travel up her tight skirt to grab a handful of her ass and as soon as he breaches that barrier, all bets are off. Something growls deep inside of her, her abdomen suddenly whitehot flame. They part slightly, the hunger in his eyes a reflection of her own, and they begin to push to the edges of the crowd, towards the dark corners where the lights don’t reach. As soon as her back hit the cool, vibrating wall, his fingers were unzipping his jeans, freeing his thick, rock hard cock. He grabs the back of her left knee and pulls it to his hip, ripping her black lace panties to the side with his free hand. She feels his sharp intake of breath when he touches her, even though he knew just how desperately she craved him he wasn’t expecting such a wet and ready cunt. A groan rumbles through his chest and he glances around, making sure everyone is still in a trance. The strangers surrounding them were almost pressing against his back but in the dark, you could easily mistake their fucking for some passionate, PG13 grinding. He grabs his cock in his hand firmly and she looks down, her eyes widening at the sight. She had had some large men in the past but his was something different. She looks back up at him and presses herself onto the tip, her eyes betraying how much it hurt to force herself onto him so quickly, but she couldn’t fucking wait and he knew it. He should be more concerned with hurting her, but in this moment he knew she didn’t care, and neither did he. She’d stop him if he went too far, and besides, she knew how to find pleasure in pain. He touches his lips to hers again, partly out of need, but mostly because he didn’t want her screaming to give them away. He fills her up completely and begins to grind himself into her, trying to make it as inconspicuous as possible, which involves keeping his intense desire to pound her like the dirty little whore she is, contained. He pushes his towering frame against her harder, forcing her completely against the wall so she can no longer move, his hands on her hips holding onto her so tight she can feel the bruises forming as he tries to retain control. The music switches again, this time to something even deeper, matching the primal beating of their hearts. Neither of them care at this point if they get caught, her release building inside of her tight hole. She could tell by the feverish way he was pressing his lips against hers that he was close too, and nothing was going to stop them from finally getting this god damn release. She bites his lip and spasms around his cock, sending him into his own frenzy. He pushes into her so hard that she can feel him inside of her belly, cum pulsing up his cock and into her. He pumps every last drop deep inside of her, and then slows to a stop. They stand like this for a moment, breathing in sync, trying to slow their mutual racing heartbeats. Finally, he pushes himself onto his feet and his cock slips out of her. She quickly squeezes her thighs shut to keep his juices inside of her and reaches down, adjusting her clothing just enough to not be suspicious as he tucks that beast back inside of his cage. Their eyes meet again and a silent agreement passes between them. He grabs her hand and pulls her to the door, exiting into the cool midnight air, down the alley and into a parked taxi, waiting for the potential drunken club goer. He tells the cabby to head to a hotel nearby, and begins a friendly chat with the driver as his hand slips between her thighs, rubbing her clit causing her thighs to twitch uncontrollably. She bites her bottom lip hard, a small squeak escaping her lips just loud enough for him to hear. Three silent, excruciating orgasms later they reach the hotel, stepping out of the cab and into a large, warmly lit lobby. He reaches for her hand and leans into her ear, his whisper tickling her skin.  
“I’m not even close to done with you yet.” 
A shiver runs through her and she grins a devilish grin,  


The memory of your lips pressed
Against my exposed shell
sparks a fire in my bones
That nothing can quell
But you.
The ghost of your tongue flitting across my skin,
leaving a trail of goosebumps in your wake
Haunts me in the darkest of night.
My fingers delve between the sheets
Searching for release,
And I recall the sweet thrill of your touch
The burn of the leather
Your hand around my throat
Awakening the wolf within me,
Your name dancing between my parted lips.
I can hear you calling,
The beast behind your blue eyes
Battling his chains,
Clawing for liberation,
I can hear him calling
To the creature hiding in my shadows.
She wakes to the melody of your command,
The touch of your hand,
She simply needs to please and
does the beast within me
Yearn to please you.
It is a craving I cannot indulge,
An insatiable appetite for the imprints left on skin,
A constant reminder of you.
She aches for the sanctuary found in the art of falling apart,
Just to be put back together.
She needs to be devoured,
she longs for the release that she has been denied for so long.
And I try
I try to replace your hands with my own
With his, with hers but nothing
No one,
Quiets the storm the way that you do.
The beast within me,
She belongs to you


She wakes.

The first sensation she notices is the hard steel arm chair beneath her. Next, she feels the roughness of the rope binding her ankles and wrists to the metal, and the sheer silk and lace lingerie draped across her form. Where are her clothes? Her mind is racing, trying to place where exactly she is. The last thing she remembers is the click of her heels down the alleyway heading home after the party. Then the screeching of tires, a sharp pain, and then…nothing.

She slowly opens her eyes and begins to take in her surroundings. It’s dark, so dark it’s almost like a solid mass, taunting her. The shadows take over everything and she cannot see where the walls begin or end, who or what is in the room. It’s simply black and she is simply cold, as if she is standing nude in a concrete parkade. About 2 meters, in a perfect circle around the chair, the light from the swinging spotlight above her slinks its way into the blackness just enough for her to see that she was right. The chair is set upon a paved floor that matches the walls, but placed in front of her bound ankles there is a cushion just large enough for her to kneel.

Soft, padded footsteps break the silence and she perks up, no longer assessing herself, but instead trying to peer desperately into the darkness. Without her glasses, she can’t see a thing, even if the entire room was lit with flood lights it would still be blurry. She gives up on sight, and begins to listen. She closes her eyes to focus all her energy into that single sense, tilting her head as she follows the almost non-existent sound of the stranger’s gait pacing in the darkness. If they were trying to scare her, it was working. Her heart, racing, begins to pound faster and faster as it dawns on her that she might be in genuine danger.

She begins to shake, focusing harder still just to hear something, anything, as the silence completely overwhelms her. Her eyes still shut, she doesn’t notice that the stranger in the room has stepped into the light behind her until she feels their breath on the back of her neck. She startles, her eyes flicking open, her breath heavy in her lungs. This strange being still hasn’t spoken, but she can tell by the low hum of her senses that it’s a man. A familiar man, but she can’t quite figure out who. He slowly runs his fingers up the back of her neck, grabbing a handful of the long black hair cascading down her back and tugs her head to the side. Her eyes dart towards him, but before she can focus on identifying this man, she feels the heat of his lips as they lightly graze the indent of her collarbone and her jaw goes slack, her eyelids close and just for a moment, she loses herself in his electric touch. She lets out an involuntary sigh. Her jaw clamps shut and she scolds herself, silently, for allowing herself to be taken away by sweet fantasies in such a dangerous position. She can’t move, she can’t see who her captor is, and she has no idea where she is; this is the last place she should be daydreaming. But oh, she can’t ignore the puddle growing between her legs, the weight of the desire in her loins. The mans hand loosens its grip and finds its way down her body, between her breasts and across her stomach to palm her shamefully soaking cunt. Finally, he makes a sound. A deep, primal growl in her ear and then, it clicks.


She sighs, exhaling as if she’s been holding her breath for 10 years. She feels a cruel grin form in his breath as it dances its way across her skin, setting fire to every atom. That’s why he felt so familiar, why she was more aroused than terrified (though, don’t get me wrong – she was terrified). His fingers slip away from between her thighs and she groans. She’s no longer cold, except for the emptiness that his hand leaves in it’s wake. He saunters around the chair so he’s standing in front of her, towering over her small fame made smaller by the emptiness of the room. His waist is at eyelevel, and she can’t stop her blood from racing at the sight of the painfully hard outline of what’s trapped beneath the zipper of his jeans. She bites her lip, letting her gaze wander across his large, delightfully commanding body. The bare feet, dark blue jeans, the deliciously tight black t-shirt accentuating his chest, build strong by years of rock climbing. She lets her eyes relax, taking in the sharpness of his tattoos, the darkness hiding in his soft gaze, matching her own. The desperate hunger that he’s carried with him for so long. The tug and pull of his energy, it’s inexplicable. She is the tide and he is her moon, pulling her closer and closer with every moment. Wave after wave, filling her up with desire without a single touch. Normally, when she’s around him (freely, that is) she must pace to keep herself in check. If she stays seated, she unconsciously begins to rub her clit against whatever surface she’s resting on, squeezing her legs together to try to contain the raw need for him. But this time, her legs are forced apart and there is nothing to rub against so instead, she’s left frantically trying to find something, anything to help her keep control of the craving tearing through her entire body. He takes her jaw gently in his hand and raises her chin. Their eyes lock and her mind quiets. She can no longer can form a single thought. The softness is gone and all that is left in his expression is need and a desperate, frantic desire to hurt her, to envelop her entirely until all that is left of her is purring putty between his fingers. He leans over, just enough that she can feel his breath on her lips but they don’t quite touch. She presses herself forward, oblivious to the sharp pain shooting down her arms from the restraints, but he doesn’t let them meet, not yet. They both know once they get a taste, there will be no beginning and no end to this night. He runs his thumb across her lower lip and they part, welcoming him in. He presses his finger into her mouth and she moans, twisting her tongue around him, silently begging him to undo his belt. Eyes locked, she sees the strain its causing him to take his time, to make her suffer. His need is almost as great as her own and it’s beginning to take over. She is no longer a person, she is barely human. Her base needs have control now and there is no logic or grace left in the panting, wild woman reflecting back at her in the deep ocean blue of his eyes. He speaks now, in a low commanding tone and it ripples through her body like molasses. Slowly twisting its way through her veins, into her soul, she feels so heavy. Filled with a need to purge all her stress, her anger, her confusion. She needs to scream, to hurt, to explode, to forget. And he is the only one who knows how to make her forget. She can barely breathe, they’ve been waiting for this moment for so many years and she needs this, every moment seared into her brain for later use. He releases her wrists just long enough to bind them together on her lap, and does the same to her ankles. He tugs her out of the chair and she lands with her knees on the mat before her, unconsciously resting her bottom on her heels, head down, the way she was trained to all those years ago.

“Mmm. Good girl”

He croons, and she feels the dampness he’s created beading down her thighs, dripping onto the mat beneath her. The outfit he had her dressed in when she woke is now sopping and stuck to her skin. He forces her to all fours and tosses the chair to the side, the legs scraping the cold, grey cement. His large, calloused hand expertly prepares her round, ready ass for what’s next. There’s shuffling behind her as he searches for something, and she freezes at the sensation of the leather on her skin, the soft tendrils flitting across her back. The touch of the flogger has always caused an intense response but this time, it’s like meeting an old friend. She takes a deep breath in, closes her eyes and smiles as he raises it to connect with her skin.

He’s a conductor; She, the obedient Orchestra playing his sultry music. The highs and lows, the soft, swelling hum of the cellos matched so beautifully with the sharpness of the trumpets, the sax, the drums. He turns her into a masterpiece. Under his touch, she is whole, she is fearless, she is complete. The pain is a welcome relief; the sting a thing of wonder. Its like the plucking of a violin, a perfect balance between the softness of the note and the twang of the string, like the way the leather lands with a thud and crack. It’s their personal, handmade symphony and in it she drowns. Her body begins to hum now, matching the tenor of the cellos, an outward force she can no longer control, and it feels like her entire being is about to crumble. Her ass is stinging, face is flushed, tears streaming down her cheeks and relief hiding behind her closed lids. Her back, ass, and thighs turned into a beautiful canvas of red as she revels in the sensations of the pain he’s inflicted. He lowers the flogger and steps forward, gently untying her feet. His palm once again begins its journey across her skin, rubbing her down like an animal after a long run.

He steps forward once more and kneels, pressing his pelvis into her raised behind, causing a sharp gasp to escape from her parted lips. His hand wanders, slipping itself around her body to cup her breast, his thumb and forefinger rolling her nipple firmly through the fabric and she arches, pressing herself into his hips. His free hand suddenly clutches her throat and pulls her upwards, her back pressed against his chest, feeling the heat emanating from his body, his desire piercing through the layers between them. The fingers that were playing with her breasts now delve between her legs, teasing her. Gently caressing every inch except for where she needed him the most. Her hips shake and twist trying to force his fingers where she wanted them, but he quickly commands her to stay still. The quiet, firm growl in her ear stops her short, her breathing so laboured she feels like she’ll collapse. He stands and raises her onto shaking limbs, so unstable he must hold her steady. He turns her around so they’re face to face, expertly unties her wrists and takes a step back, enjoying the sight of her knees clattering like a newborn fawn.


He commands and she reddens, turning the same shade as her smarting backside. She slips a finger under the strap of each shoulder and slips it off, letting the soft fabric fall into a heap around her toes. He nods in appreciation and she watches him observe her, devouring every single inch of her naked body. Her gaze settles on his waist and she catches sight of the twitch of his cock behind the rough fabric. Her eyes flit up to meet his, her stomach dropping at the hunger in his stare and he breaks. Stepping forward, he covers the distance between them in a single stride and wraps his arms around her, lifting her up as his mouth devours hers in a frantic mess of desire. Her legs wrap themselves around his waist like a tree trunk, her arms around his neck as they pull at each other, desperately trying to mesh themselves into one. Suddenly, the cold cement wall is pressed against her back and he against her front, her naked body contrasted against his fully clothed self. They’re in the shadows now, the all-encompassing darkness hiding their frantic groping. His hands wander, slipping and slinking their way across her body, down her long legs as her hips begin to undulate against him, rubbing herself against his arousal that’s throbbing so hard she’s amazed he hasn’t broken his zipper. Her nails dig into his back, pulling at his shirt trying desperately to meet him skin on skin. He groans, a primal, fierce groan and pushes himself off the wall. She tries to stand and fails, crumpling down the gritty grey of the cement behind her. He turns away and rubs his hand across his face, trying to shake the loss of control. Looking over his shoulder, he twitches a finger in her direction as if to say it’s time to move. She goes to stand, and he turns back around to force her on her knees.


He grins wickedly, the glint in his eye promising delights untold. She complies, and follows him as he leads the way, through a doorway hidden behind the curtain of darkness. What lies in wait, she will soon find out…